Move Your Fingers on the piano

Move Your Fingers on the piano, some books to teach to play the piano in the initial stage, to use from the first class.

Simple and expressive pieces for beginners with very varied and fun accompaniments.

A music book to enjoy playing

This is a beginner piano book designed to help those who want to teach someone else to play and all those who already know how to play and want to do it with their family and friends. The moment of the first approach is fundamental in learning an instrument, and although there is a lot of beautiful music written for piano, only a few of them are pretty for beginners (and those who teach them).

Play with people who start from scratch

Explain to the beginner what is necessary to follow the score by helping you with the tutorial and the glossary. In a short time you will be able to fit the piece and play with it.

To play together at any age

Very appropriate musical pieces to teach beginner kids, but also useful with adolescents or adults, they are not specifically for an age. People of different generations can even get together to play.

Games! For 2, 3 or 4 players of different levels

The games are pieces that offer beginners the possibility of approaching the reality of music together and live from a festive and playful tone.

An exceptional method to learn while enjoying.

A music book to enjoy playing, to gather people around the piano and make it festive and familiar. To highlight the more playful side of the piano and create an empathetic atmosphere of well-being that makes learning more desirable.

Volume 1

24 pieces to start playing 4 hands and improvising from scratch.

Volume 2

23 pieces in varied styles for the first steps.



A great method for beginners (and not so) that allows you to play music from the very first moment. I am using it in Paris, where I have taught children and adults for years and it is received with great enthusiasm by both. The versatility of the method is an incredible source of possibilities. Students who had a hard time reading sheet music have been reading (and enjoying it) since I’ve been working with them with Move Your Fingers on the piano. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!


The method is great! I only play the piano once in a while and have used it mostly to have a good time with friends and family. I have used it with adult relatives who are interested in playing, and to play with my children (who still don’t know how to play), and with friends of my children who are learning. It is a very entertaining and pleasant time. It also helps me to refresh my level and do some improvisation, something I haven’t done until now. It’s fantastic, I highly recommend it!


Didactically, it seems to me that the books are strategically elaborated so that the learner can solve technical difficulties smoothly but with rigor and gradually, combining the achievement of objectives with continuous motivation. As a teacher, I am getting people of any age, with and without musical knowledge, to play music and get excited when performing a score and playing in company.