Tutorial nº 1

A step-by-step guide for those starting from scratch, includes a Video-Tutorial complete with improvisations  and the Score of Piece nº 1

  • One note: C
  • One finger: 2
  • Step 1: We explain to the student that the different notes are arranged on the staff. The treble clef tells us that we use the far right side of the keyboard. This has only the C note. We show the student that the black keys are arranged in groups of 2 and 3. The C is the white key located just before (to the left) of the group of 2 black keys.
  • Step 2: We show the student what a measure is, explaining that this piece has 4 rhythmic parts, and that a quarter note is included in each part. Therefore, the half notes will last 2 parts, and the whole notes, 4. (Skip the first 2 steps if you’ve already done Piece No 1)
  • Step 3: Now we look at the section of piece N.1 in Volume 1, and we explain the formal analysis that appears there.
  • Step 4: At this point we begin to play. We follow the beginner’s part by playing the same notes one octave below. The beginner will first play with one hand, than with the other, each one in the octave that he or she will play when this is done with the hands together.
  • Step 5: Then the student will play this with 2 hands. At first we accompany him or her with the same part, and then with the harmony (the right hand of the accompaniment without the eighteenth notes, forming chords), so that he/she hears the same rhythm the student plays in a harmonic context, while he/she concentrates on playing his/her role well.

  • Step 6: We will then accompany the student with the bass. Here we will have to work on concentrating on rhythmic coordination, with the student listening to his or her part in another context.

  • Step 7: We then play the piece with 4 hands in order to fit in all the voices.

  • Step 8: Now we will add shape, sounds and colors to the piece – that is, we will interpret it.

  • Step 9: We will then try out some embellishments or improvisations, in order to add them to the final version.